If you’ve already worked with Gilliane, then you know. She’s fully committed, dedicated to exceeding expectations. Forget her profession’s stereotypes, she’s an anomaly.

A shooter for 25-years, she’s worked all over the world on all types of assignments – the more difficult, the better. The more risky; better still.

Gilliane shoots intuitively.

Raised in Darwin, resided in Melbourne and Sydney. Her career’s forged in photo-journalism. This pressurized environment of tight deadlines, sketchy briefs and unsympathetic photo editors led to an uncanny ability to improvise, to make something out of nothing.

For years The Australian Financial Review, The Bulletin, and every other Australian news publication has used her images. She still works in the sector. Bloombergs, the global financial news service publishes her images often
Large corporates and institutions were quick to pick up on her talent. Her images play a subtle but crucial role in building their corporate image and credibility.

Her imagination, diverse camera skills and unfailing sense of humor are underscored by her commitment to deliver compelling images. From steaming, sweaty jungles to boardrooms on the umpteenth floor; it’s all an adventure.

She loves surfing, modern dance and bird-spotting. Not at the same time however.


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