The Tuross Maritime and Boatshed Histories

Transporting the farm produce and timber of the area was vital to the success of the development of Tuross. Like all coastal communities in the 1900’s Tuross relied on coastal vessels to get goods to market and to obtain supplies from Sydney.

The lllawarra Steam Navigation Company serviced the south coast of New South Wales from 1858 but only their smaller vessels entered Tuross Lake. In 1863 the company advertised “Steam to the Tuross River and Gulph Diggings”(Nerrigundah). However in the smaller print it stated you would travel to Batemans Bay on the large Steamer “Kembla” and then transfer to the shallower draught steamer “Mynora” destined for Tuross.

Both the Tuross sawmills had their own boats for transporting their timber to market. The “Maid of the Mill” was owned by the Goodin & Hicks’ Mill and the ketch “Mary Ann” by the Goodlet and Co. Mill. These were both typical small coastal traders of under 26 tons. The “Moses Fletcher”, a larger vessel of 55 tons and 84 feet in length was then built at the Goodin and Hicks Mill near Turlinjah., although a deep channel needed to be dug to successfully launch her on the high tide.

Negotiating the Tuross entrance was always difficult. Occasionally the bar closed trapping shipping vessels in the Lake and often heavy seas made it risky to attempt to enter or exit the lake across the sandbar. Siltation of the lake from agricultural cultivation up river finally made it impossible for the trading vessels to continue to use the lake.

Tuross Boatsheds
The Tuross boatshed era came into being in 1913 when the Crown gave leases for sheds and jetties to be built. Over the years the boatsheds have evolved from places where boat and fishing gear was stored into various enterprises. Boat hire, supply of fishing needs and in most recent years, waterfront meals and accommodation, have served the recreational needs of locals and visitors to Tuross Head.

source: Moruya District Historical Society


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