Emergency Services Dial 000
Ambulance - 131233

Cambell Street Medical - 44742200

Country Energy - 132356

Eurobodalla Council - 44741000

Community Health - 44741561

Moruya Fire Station - 44742550

Moruya Hospital - 44742666

Moruya Vet Clinic - 44742532

Marine Rescue Service (Tuross) - 44736488

Moruya Police - 44742444

Queen Street Medical - 44742222

Rural Fire Service - 44742855

SES - 132500

Wires - click here
Sick or injured seabirds 0431282238


In an Emergency

Emergency Preparation
Emergency Survival Kit

Ideally, prepare your kit with all the following items, or at least make a list so you will know where to find them quickly in your home.

* Battery-operated radio (with spare batteries)
* Torch (with spare batteries), candles and waterproof matches
* Strong shoes, leather gloves, hat, goggles and overalls
* First aid kit and manual, and combination pocket knife
* Medications, toiletry and sanitary supplies and a change of clothes
* Special needs for infants, the aged and people with disabilities
* Water in sealed containers - ten litres per person (for three days)
* Three days supply of canned food (plus can opener and utensils)
* Pet food, water and other animal needs
* Portable stove with fuel
* Tent or tarpaulin, and blankets (woollen and thermal)
* Money, including change for phone calls
* Strong plastic bags (for clothing, valuables, documents, and photographs)


Listen to Local Radio ABC 103.5 for hourly emergency updates and SES advice

and visit their excellent South Coast Emergency Page

For links to our Fire Brigade website click here - In a fire emergency ABC South Coast Radio has been established as the best source of up to date information and advice