Tuross Head Maps

Click here for an up to
date village street map

Thanks to Henry Kark for providing this map

Accurate up to date Street map of Tuross available on line - An up to date and accurate street map is available on line to Tuross residents and visitors. A local resident has kindly donated his time and skills in generating this excellent map for the community to use.

Print yourself off a map here

Click here for an interactive
Street Map of Tuross Head


A selection of Google maps has been created to help you find things around the village:

The first map is an interactive general orientation map with such things as Toilet blocks, reserves, shops and main features.

Tuross General Info map


The rest of the maps are self explanatory:

Shared Cycleways, walkways and pathways map
(note that there are walking aids that can be loaned out to assist those who have mobility problems - click here for more info)

Kayaking around Tuross and Coila Google map
if you are interested Tuross has a Kayak group - click here for more info


Kayaking Map of Tuross and Coila Lakes with Distances (back to back)
and Split

Thanks to Henry Kark for providing this map

Fishing Map of Tuross and Coila showing what you can catch where
Thanks to Henry Kark for providing this map


The Signs and Monuments of Tuross Head map
This Google map identifies all the major significant signs and monuments around the village
So many
of these signs and monuments are adjacent to our Shared Pathway that you should have a good explore of this map before setting off in your discovery of the village.


Historic Photos Map
This is a map showing the location of a selection of historic photos taken around the village over the years

Tuross Head Beaches

Tuross Head Public Reserves map


Tuross videos map
A map that shows videos taken from different locations around the village.


Tuross Head Fire Brigade Area
this map shows the arera covered by our volunteer brigade - read more about the brigade here


Some walks around Tuross Head
This is a work in progress to show you some of the ROUGH UNMARKED walks you can take through Public Reserves in Tuross Head

(Please remember to be responsible to the environment as you walk through it and to be equally as responsible for yourself when exploring as there are many hazards in this village - if in any doubt - just don't do it !)

BBQs, Picnic benches, Bins :
The location of our BBQs, benches and rubbish bins to help visitors plan their lunches and picnics

Rabbit census of May 2012
A census was undertaken in Dec 2012 to Jan 2013 to assist Council
in it's rabit eradication programme

Myna Birds in Tuross
locations of sightings and also control achievements