Tuross Roads and footpaths

Eurobodalla Shire Council is responsible for the maintenance of the roads and footpaths in Tuross Head.
In order to ensure the roads and footpaths remain in a safe and functioning state they are inspected. The roads and footpaths are inspected once a year and the cycleway twice a year.
Council usesit's Road Risk Management policy when inspecting defects in the road and Footpath Cycleway Asset Risk Mgt Policy when inspecting defects
on paths.
The type of defect and the severity of the defect determines how fast it is repaired. Though they try to record all the defects you can help by reporting any you see as you can never assume that the defect you see each day has actually been recorded.
Council depot staff have immediate access to all of the defects that are recorded and can inform you of the priority that has been given to each.
Council uses the defect information along with other data such as pavement age, type of use and traffic counts to determine when it will reconstruct any section of road or footpath that is failing,

They use the Footpath Cycleway Asset Risk Mgt Policy to assist in the decision making process.
Based on the above policies and procedures Council drafts Roads Programs to show the proposed work to be done by Council in the next five years. These are available on Councils website