Tuross Estuary/Coila Lake Management Committee
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The Tuross estuary forms a complex system of shallow interconnecting channels and lakes - the river varies in depth between 1 and 3 m with the main lake 2 to 4 m deep.

The town of Tuross Head is located north of the entrance. Although the entrance is subject to wave power and littoral drift rates that might suggest a closed or mostly closed condition, the large waterway area and runoff provide sufficiently strong inlet flows to maintain a permanently open entrance against these beach building processes.

The tidal limit in the Tuross River is located at Comerang 19 km from the entrance, or 9 km upstream from the Princes Highway bridge north of Bodalla. .......


Coila Lake is a large but shallow waterway with depths not exceeding 3 m.
Coila Lake is located east of the Princes Highway and north of the town of Tuross Head. The entrance is located at the southern end of Bingie Beach. When the entrance is open, and Coila Creek (only substantial creek feeding the lake) is not in flood, water salinities similar to the ocean extend over the entire lake. The lake bed comprises mostly mud, with marine sand confined to the entrance. source

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Community consultation in developing a management plan for Tuross Estuary and Coila Lake

Tuross/Coila Estuary Management Study. Prioritised Future Management Strategies ... and foreshores
of the Tuross Estuary and Coila Lake

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