Why turosshead.org ?

Ownership of the site:

Firstly a .org web address tells you that the site is NOT about making money.

The turosshead.org domain name is owned by a longtime resident of Tuross who wishes to provide Tuross residents with a single place to be best informed of the things they need to know about their own community. About "what is presently being done" and "what is planned to be done".

All fees for the domain name and the domain hosting are donated by that resident.

Why a webpage?

To provide a one-stop-shop for as much info as possible that is Tuross Head related... from news of groups to photos, maps and history.

... for The Progress of the Village:

As the village grows and as demands on our time increase it is becoming more and more difficult for most residents to keep up to date with changes in the village.

The Tuross Head Progress Association has traditionally been the village watchdog and has played a vital role in being the representive of the Tuross residents to Eurobodalla Shire Council.

Not everyone can attend a Progress meeting or remain on top of Council proposals so one of the functions of this site is to bring the Progress Association Meetings to you, in the comfort of your home at a time that better suits you.

From time to time topics will come up and hopefully this site might assist you in hearing what others have said and offer you a timely opportunity you to have your say. It is your village and your opinion is as valued as anyone elses. Hopefully this website will assist in better informing the Community

... to keep you aware of local Council activities that relate to the Village:

For most it is far too difficult to trawl through the newspapers and on-line Council pages to learn of what is proposed in Tuross and to learn of any upcoming public meetings that may affect Tuross residents. Hopefully this site will keep you a little more informed.

The intention of the site is NOT to be political - purely to act as a conduit providing links to information that you may wish to read had you the opportunity of spending a bit more time wading through local newspapers and webpages.

Should there be any question raised (in writing) by turosshead.org to Council both the question and the answer will also be presented word for word to ensure absolute transparency and honesty for both parties..

...to stimulate the Tuross residents into participating in decisions that are made about the direction of their community:

It is understood that you don't have enough time to cope with a busy life and then keep abreast of proposed changes in your community .

At the very least it is hoped that this site might generate a bit of discussion and do what it can to include you, in one way or another, of the changes that are being made or proposed to YOUR community. Even if you can't participate in person or maybe even write a letter or attend a meeting at least you will know what is going on by looking at this site from time to time.

... to present, as best as possible, the history of the Tuross Village for all to be able to access and enjoy.

and lastly

.... to stimulate the residents in participating proudly in their community that is a small headland at the end of an isthmus in one of the most stunning corners of the world.



What is turosshead.org